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The Rhoda Foundation has several projects in Ottawa that aim to support the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development of people and community.

The Rhoda Masjid

The Rhoda Masjid is located on 2871 St. Joseph Boul. in the heart of Orleans. The Rhoda Masjid is the only Masjid in Ottawa serving both French and English Speaking Muslims by providing programs and services in both Official Languages. 


Conceived as a Masjid 2.0, to serve the needs of our community, the Masjid serves as a community hub where Muslims can gather to pray, meditate, celebrate, and socialize in a sacred way. 


For our Friday Congregational Prayer, we offer engaging, relevant, and meaningful sermons focusing on personal and community development. We bring to life the Hijri Calendar, by celebrating and commemorating the days that Muslims have always traditionally observed but have been forgotten in the West (e.g. ‘Ashura, Mawlid, Laylat al-Bara’ah, etc.). And we aim to make Ramadan and the two Eids memorable for children, families, and elders alike. We also offer marriage and wedding services for those who want to celebrate their marriage in the sacred way of our ancestors.


For more information and to find out our prayer times please visit

La Centre éducatif Floraison

The Centre éducatif Floraison is an accredited, Francophone, non-profit daycare located in the heart of Orleans, a two-minute walk from the central terminal and just off the highway. The daycare takes an innovative holistic approach to children emotional and personal development.

For more information and to sign up, please visit

Image by Ben Wicks

Community Development Club


At the Rhoda Masjid, our vision is to provide a place where everyone finds their place - youth, elders, singles and families. We offer the opportunity to be part of a community development project - a community of authentic brotherhood and sisterhood, meeting each other where we are and lifting each other up. We pray to see seeds planted, watered and eventually blossoming from the grassroots efforts of community members to build this home. A home and a community are not the building- not the masjid, but rather the sajid. The people. We hope to see people invest, take ownership and come together to leave the next generation a beautiful inheritance!


We invite you to get engaged, rather than be a consumer. Come build this community with us - we need YOU!


  • Propose a program or event; 

  • give of your time and volunteer with us; 

  • share of the blessed rizq Allah has provided you and donate to support our community work;

  • share your expertise;

  • attend prayers and events with beautiful energy;

  • and lastly, spread the word and spread the Light!


However you choose to contribute to this community development project, we ask that you also keep it in your prayers. If you want to volunteer or have questions about how you can get involved, email us at

Publications and Prayers

Over the years, our teachers have written and translated prayers, meditations and articles to support the Rhoda Foundation's personal and community development effort. These are toolfor you to take up and begin to use — right where you are!

From our hearts to yours…

Hands Holding Beads

Zahra Ecological Farm

The Zahra Ecological Farm is a community market garden that aims to increase access to local and organic produce, offer hands-on education to both young and old, and provide a space for relationship-building. 


Located on rented land at the Just Food Community Farm, the Zahra Ecological Farm aims to fill two critical needs in the community. First, the farm will provide fresh organic produce to residents of Orleans, a severely underserved neighbourhood in Ottawa’s east end. Second, the farm will create hands-on food production and permaculture training opportunities for youth in underserved groups.

Image by Markus Spiske
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