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A Call For Support

Help us reach financial sustainability with a donation towards our future.

Imagine for a moment what we could accomplish when we come together in harmony and cooperation, striving to fulfill our God-given potential and experiencing true happiness and a true sense of belonging.

We've touched



500+ children & Youth
2000 Ramadan program participants

We've empowered



With over 100 volunteer-run programs/events 

We've served




5000 hours of free services programs, and events

With your support we are


closer to 500k
and our goal of true, permanent financial sustainability

Get A Glimpse Through Our Impact 

A community is an ecosystem where diversity is celebrated, and people have their needs met while meeting the needs of others. in this manner, it is a living entity - in constant growth and capable of nourishing future generations.


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Community Development Project

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Zahra Ecological Farm




Community Kitchen

Today's Dream is
 Tomorrow's Blossoming


We are committed to transitioning from a model of seeking donor support via fundraising, to a model

in which our work becomes fully funded via revenue from social enterprises. With a location that belongs to the organization and enough funding to maintain regular staff, our programs and services will be able to achieve stability and longevity.


Expand our social enterprises to the level at which they can become our main source of financial income, eliminating the heavy reliance on annual fundraising.

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Our programs and services can continue to be offered, without threat of interruption, by a paid team of professional staff.

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A Success Story

Our greatest success comes from investing in child and family relationships at the beginning of life's journey.


Phase I


Phase II

Opened Sept 2023


Already at 100% capacity
(with active waitlist)

Permits approved


Contractors ready to begin

Target opening date: March 2024

Full capacity by Sept 2025

Le Centre Educatif Floraison is one of our most successful projects to date.

Licensed by the Ministry of Education, the daycare program delivers the Ontario child development curriculum with a holistic approach, tailoring the curriculum to each child's needs.


The daycare project aligns with the Rhoda's mission to build a thriving community that offers support, belonging, and connection to all. We consider the daycare an important extension of our commitment to children and families and a means of firmly rooting programming for children into a long-term, self-sustaining service.


As such, the daycare is a vital and meaningful addition to the ecosystem of the Rhoda Foundation.

With the completion of Phase 2 of the Daycare, and with full capacity enrolment, we will have enough income to be completely financially independent and never have to ask for donations again.

There is a great need for daycare facilities in Ottawa. The waiting list for Phase 2 is already full.  Our model is unique and honours the child with care, attention, and opportunities to learn.


Parents can be secure in the knowledge that their children are getting the best early childhood education possible.


Next Steps...

Phase II is the Game Changer

Help us go from RED to GREEN


The daycare is expected to reach 50% capacity by September 2024. This will generate a net profit of $22,500 per month,

or $270,000 per YEAR


The daycare is expected to reach full capacity by September 2025. This will generate a net profit of $39,500 per month,

or $474,000 per YEAR

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Help us look to the future with hope

$500,000 from supporters like you will supply the Rhoda with $474,000 in added annual revenue,

empowering us to reach

Zahra Harrison, 14 years old

"The Rhoda is where I want to be at every moment.


It is where I reconnected with God and started my lifelong journey thanks to the community, the atmosphere, and the classes. It is where I can be myself because there is truly 0% judgment and 100% love.


The Rhoda has positively affected my life

and the lives of thousands, like no other, and could bring the same or much more to the lives of millions."

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