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Mawlid Season's Greetings

Dear friends, As-salaam alaykum I would like to start by giving thanks for the opening of the daycare's doors to children and their families this week. The Director, Cherifa Dridi and myself are delighted to finally see the fruits of a collective labour of love to offer a wholesome preschool experience to children. I would like to thank Mme Cherifa, as well as all those who have contributed to its coming into being over the past two years. I would also like to give thanks for the continued graces offered to us through the encounters we have had with other community leaders & members and for the solace there is in finding those who sees and seeks answers to the same questions around building God-centred community. At the last monthly Celebration of Guidance, we shared a very rich moment together. We meditated on the thanks-giving verse in the Holy Book that emphasizes the greatness of all that we should celebrate and be thankful for in simply saying thank you for all-of-this 'هذا'. This 'this' being so incredibly great that it cannot be named, listed or counted! I leave you with a prayer for the month written out below. Hamdi Ben Aissa Executive Director & Founder Rhoda Foundation

A prayer for the month Seeking connection through gratitude for guidance (salawat): Allahu Akbar Kabeera wal Hamdu liLlahi kathira wa SubhanaAllahi bukratan wa asilah Alhamdulillah al lathi hadana lihatha wa ma kunna linahtadiya illa an hadana Allah - Laqad jaat rusul Rabina bil Haq. (7:43 Quran) Allahumma salli ala sayyidina Muhammad wa sallim tasliman kathira, kathira, kathira
Praise be to Allah, Who guided us to ALL this! Never could we have found guidance had it not been for the Guide: indeed it is truth that the messengers of our Lord brought to us. (7:43 Quran)


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